The great thing about art is that you can just pick up a pencil or a pen and start drawing on a scrap piece of paper and immediately feel like you’re being creative! But it’s always worth investing some money in good quality products when you can because a. It’s great to experiment with new media and b. It helps you produce higher quality art.

I wanted to write a piece on the different types of drawing I do at the moment and what media I use to produce them – each type of piece has a checklist of media that I utilise!

The different types of pure drawing (not using any paints) that I produce currently are:

*Detailed biro sketch

*Micron pen drawing

*Micron pen drawing plus copic markers


I love doodling and practising techniques in my sketchbook which is where I will do most of my biro sketches. This is normally rougher work that’s used to map out a composition for a larger piece that I’m going to paint or just to practise line work and proportions. Because it’s rough work I dont find that it matters what brand of implement I use as long as they feel good to draw with (as in does it create smooth lines and does it feel easy to use and good in your hand?) To create these I will use:

*HB sketching pencil

*Biro pen

*Sketchbook/any kind of paper

Next type of drawing is a micron pen drawing. These are similar to my biro drawings in that they are detailed and I use lots of lines to build up the shaded areas and put in the detail of the piece but they differ in that they can produce a thicker line (depending on which size you use) and feel more permanent. You can also use them for stippling which can create a great effect on tattoo designs for example.


*HB sketching pencil

*Copic 0.3 multiliner pen

*Sakura Pigma Micron pens (varying mm thicknesses)

*Sakura Pigma Brush pen

*Pentel brush pen

*Marker paper works well with these but you can use any kind

I really love using these pens to do tattoo designs as they can create strong bold lines and also fine detailing. The Sakura pens are reasonably priced for a set and I find that the ink comes out smoothly and would definitely recommend! The pentel brush pen is great for comic style outlines and for filling in large spaces of black. It’s also reasonably priced and you can buy one that comes with refills so it will last ages!

Last type of drawing is micron plus Copic markers.


*HB sketching pencil

*Copic multi liner pen for the outline

*Copic ciao twin tip markers for colouring

*Marker paper (I use Canson brand)

I use Copic markers when I draw people because they CANNOT  be beaten on blending skin tones! They are amazing and I can’t recommend them enough! However, their main drawback is their price. They will set you back quite a lot depending on how many you buy so if you’re not flush with cash it’s worth looking at alternative brands that are cheaper like Prismacolor or Touch Twin  markers. Saying that though, Copic markers are an investment and they are definitely worth the price and they can be refilled! It’s just the initial price that’s daunting!

A word of caution on the type of paper you use Copic markers on: marker paper is best as the ink bleeds through the page less. Try not to use thick paper such as for watercolour because it will suck a LOT of ink out of your pens and as they are expensive you will end up going through a lot of pens and ink!!

I outline my drawings first with the multiliner pen and then rub out all the pencil marks before using the copics as I’ve found that the ink doesn’t bleed when you go over it with the marker but the pencil does – it smears and gets on the pen nib which isn’t ideal!

So those are my drawing checklists 🙂 I wholeheartedly recommend all of the products on there and as I branch out and use different ones I will review them as well! Let me know in the comments what kind of media you use and if you’ve had any luck with any alternatives.

Lots of love



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