Hey guys, long time no see!

I realised that it’s really not clever of me to pay for website hosting every month but never create any content for said website 🤔 So here I am, writing another sporadic blog post for anyone who’s willing to read it!

To be fair, life has gotten in the way of blogging recently – Christmas and new year were hectic and I’ve recently moved in with my partner so I’ve been settling in and also putting a lot more of my time into my art than my blogging (for reasons that will hopefully become clear later this year 👀). I’m also only just recovering from the most ridiculous cough I’ve had in years, my abs have gotten one hell of a workout from all the horrific coughing I’ve been doing! But I had the most AMAZING lunch at a restaurant in Hastings the other weekend and I had to blog about it and tell you about how fantastic jackfruit is!

So I recently went down to St Leonard’s in Hastings for a weekend trip, which is a gorgeous place. The weather was lovely and sunny so it felt really serene and idyllic walking along the seafront and along the pier. It was also super nice to visit the English seaside, which I haven’t done in ages – I think the last time I was by the sea it was for the Brighton tattoo convention a couple of years ago!

For lunch we went to a restaurant called Oscar’s On The Square which was set back into the side of the seafront – you went down some stairs so that you were underground beneath the beach promenade. I couldn’t find a website for the restaurant but I’ve linked their Facebook page and the excellent tripadvisor reviews here!

It’s a small restaurant but they really make use of the space that they have and the decor is kind of ‘rustic meets hipster’ which gives the place a really nice vibe. The staff were really welcoming and the service was great!

So onto the food review part of the post! I had a jackfruit po’boy for my meal and I literally could have eaten another one straight afterwards, it was SO amazing.

Jackfruit is a tree-borne fruit that is grown in India, Southeast Asia and other tropical regions and it is a great meat substitute for vegans! I did some research and there are so many ways to prepare and eat it – it’s an immensely versatile ingredient, and this is part of its appeal for being used to address food security in countries such as Africa. In addition to this, the plant doesn’t require much looking after and the fruit itself can reach huge sizes (Wikipedia says up to 90cm long) so it’s an attractive option for helping bolster food security!

My po’boy tasted incredible. The jackfruit had been prepared in barbecue sauce and was served hot. It tasted kind of sweet, but this was balanced out by the sauce so it also tasted a bit smoky, which sounds like a weird combination but it really worked! It didn’t taste like fruit and wasn’t citrus-ey at all, but that may just be the way it was prepared this time, as it’s commonly used in desserts. The jackfruit was served in a soft roll with tomato, lettuce and gherkins with a side of chips:

The texture of it is also hard to describe, I think that the way it was prepared made it feel ‘meaty’ (but not in an unpleasant way) in that it was shredded like pulled pork. All in all, a really fantastic meal and an eye-opening experience – I want to experiment with ways to prepare jackfruit and see if I can make a curry with it and replicate this dish!

Please let me know if you know anywhere good to source jackfruit from, or if you have any recipes that use it!

Thanks for reading, sorry for the hiatus and if you’re ever in Hastings, check this place out! They do vegetarian and meat options as well and I would 10/10 go back there again!


Love Maddie xoxo

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