Hi guys! I recently got a new tattoo and wanted to share my experience with you! I also haven’t blogged in ages so I apologise for my absence!

So a little insight into me: I LOVE having tattoos. When I was younger I was quite influenced by my parents who have a very conservative/old-fashioned view on tattoos and so I used to think having any would impair my employability (I know, I was young and impressionable and didn’t have any real world experience to know that isn’t the case!). But fast-forward 4 years and I now have 12 tattoos – some small, some big, but all pieces of art that I love having on my body! (And I am also employed as an Assistant Management Accountant so they don’t seem to have affected my career!)

I decided recently that I wanted to get my left thigh tattooed (my right one is already done) and so I started designing a piece that I thought would look cute and that I was happy with. I’m really lucky in that the tattooists I have been to and go to currently will take my design and keep the main parts of it but improve it and add their own influence to it so it’s still something I had creative input into 🙂

I currently go to a lovely tattooist called Emma Arietti who works at Rivergate Tattoo in Luton. I’ve known her since she was an apprentice and seen her work develop into what it is today first-hand and I DEFINITELY recommend her! Her style is mainly traditional pieces but she’s got such a great range as well, check her instagram out here!

Here’s the design that I gave to Emma:

And here is the finished tattoo which took about an hour and a half/ 2 hours :

As you can see the design and finished tattoo are really similar which I am super pleased with! I couldn’t decide whether to get any shading on it to match the one on my other leg but I think it looks pretty cool having one shaded and one just in line work with the different line weights! I’m now itching for my next one!

At some point I might write a post or do a YouTube video about all the tattoos that I have in case anyone is interested, and I also maybe want to write about the stigma surrounding tattoos and jobs/careers etc because it’s a really interesting subject! Let me know if there’s anything you want to know about tattoos or anything you would enjoy reading on the subject!

Thanks for reading

Love Maddie xxx

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  1. 4th March 2018 / 12:21 am

    Love the design! I have several tattoos myself

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