Hey guys, in my last post I talked about when I went to Luton a couple weeks ago and bought some cute stuff, so this post is about the tattoo flash day we went to that day and my OOTD!

Rivergate Tattoo is a lovely little tattoo studio in Luton, located near the station and the shopping centre, and my tattooist Emma Arietti now works there (check out her work here). On the flash day, you basically walk in, choose a pre-drawn design and then get it tattooed (a tattoo artist’s ‘flash sheets’ are designs that they have done that they would like to tattoo and haven’t been specifically asked to draw up for someone). So my bff Ashleigh Flowers chose a cute little heart and dagger design and Emma tattooed it for her! I didn’t get anything done because I’m booked in next weekend for a big design (more on that once I’ve had it done!!) Here’s the finished tattoo:


My OOTD consisted of:

Black faux fur bobble hat (Primark)

Lacy bandeau (Gilly Hicks)

Checked oversize shirt (New Look)

Ripped jeans (River Island)

Really battered old Superstars that I need to replace (Adidas)

We did the photoshoot on top of the multi-storey car park at the shopping centre (so classy) but it actually gave some really cool layered shots with the city’s buildings in the background.

Thanks for reading! Once I’ve had my tattoo done at Rivergate next week I’ll write a post about it and show you the finished piece!

Maddie xxx


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