Hey guys! I recently went and did a bit of shopping and wanted to share some of the cute things I got!

First up, I went to Primark (Primani darling) which I can never usually find ANYTHING decent in but I managed to find some super nice stuff! I got a cute little black beanie with a furry bobble on (yes I know it’s  still technically summer but I seriously love hats) and an adorable little floral backpack which I’ve been using for nights at the pub because it’s easier to carry than my usual handbag! They also have some super cheap stick on nails that I bought and tried, which stay on for days which is surprising, and look really nice! I had to trim them down because I’m not about that super long point on my nails and I find it hard to type at work 😂 I think in total this all cost me about £17 which is great value! The backpack was the most expensive item but I definitely think it’s worth it! I also picked up a gorgeous little nail kit which says ‘Mermazing’ on it which has this super cute iridescent pattern on!

I also got a couple of necklaces from H&M, one of which is a bit like a double choker but not as tight, and a layered gold-look one which looks amazing with a low-cut top. These were about £12 together which I’m ok with paying as I don’t have a huge amount of jewellery and wanted to switch it up a bit!

I was with my bff Ashleigh Flowers (check her blog out here) and we also went to a tattoo studio in Luton called Rivergate Tatto, where our tattoo artist has moved to recently. If you know Luton, it’s where Adrenaline tattoo used to be and they’ve done the shop up gorgeously and they sell tshirts with their logo on (so I had to get one obviously, support your local tattoo artists people 💕)

My friend really kindly bought me a couple of bath bombs from LUSH, the Intergalactic one and the Sakura one. I’ve used the intergalactic one which was AMAZING and made my bath deep blue with gold glitter in and I bloody loved it! I can’t wait to try the Sakura one either!

Check out what it looked like, I was literally in heaven

I will be updating when I’ve used the Sakura one for sure, I can’t get enough of LUSH at the moment!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you’ve found anything nice in Primark or on the high street recently!

Maddie xxx

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