Hi everyone!

This is the first time a brand has ever sent me anything and I am super excited to review their products!

So I was recently approached by a brand called Fair Squared to try a couple of their products, which are all vegan, cruelty-free, and fair trade. You can check out their UK website here! They are mainly online-sellers but you can buy some of their stuff in Oxfam and in NUS student campus shops. I also found some of their stuff on ethicalsuperstore.com (Full stockist list here)

They are committed to providing ethical products which I love! And they are certified by Peta, The Vegan Society, and other partners, which makes them a great brand for me to review! You can have a look at their list of logo partners here.

They sent me a couple of samples of their coconut product range – the Coconut Body Lotion and Coconut Body Scrub.

The packaging is simple and cute and they came with a leaflet about the company and their products which was a nice touch!

The body lotion smells gorgeous, even my boyfriend commented on how nice I smelled even though he is usually pretty oblivious to these things! 😂 It also feels so silky and smooth and when I put it on, my skin felt hydrated and smooth, and not at all greasy like some moisturisers can be! The moisturising effect lasts a long time too, I put some on at 10am and it’s now 2pm and my skin still feels hydrated and happy.

The body scrub doesn’t smell as coconutty as the lotion but it’s such a good exfoliator! The exfoliating bits in it are actual coconut flakes instead of micro beads which is amazing because this just goes to show how committed the company are to ethical products and the environment. Plastic micro beads are harmful to the environment and are supposed to be banned in the UK this year!

I am super grateful to Fair Squared for asking me to review their products, and I really admire the company’s environmental ethical values. I definitely recommend both products I reviewed, so if you are looking for something that makes you feel good about yourself in more ways than one, go check them out!

Have you used any of their products and are there any you would recommend?

Let me know in the comments!

Love Maddie xxx


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