Ok so despite the blog title I don’t hate summer. It’s warm and awesome and you can go sit in pub gardens with your mates and drink berry flavoured cider, you don’t have to wear a jacket when you go on a night out, and you can walk around in shorts all the time which is a huge bonus.


There are certain things about this time of year that range from extremely irritating to mildly inconvenient and I want to have a moan about them because I’m British and that’s what we do. 😎


Summer and it’s stupid insect/arachnid friends can swivel. I leave my windows open because it’s sweltering and within minutes my room is infested with daddy long legs and moths and all sorts of flying idiot creatures. It doesn’t help that daddy long legs freak me out just a little less than spiders and they always seem to find a way into my bathroom to scare me when I’m about to get in the shower. My work colleague left his car window open the other day and as he was starting to drive home he discovered there was a hornet in his car. A HORNET. They are like the size of a small bird, I kid you not! And don’t even get me started on wasps, the stripey picnic-ruining bastards!


You know what I’m talking about. When you’re sweating behind your knees and inside your elbows and everything is just sticking to everything – your back is sticking to your tshirt, your legs are sticking to each other, and all you want is a cold shower. It makes human contact unbearable because being touched just makes you hotter and then their hand sticks to you and you look at them apologetically like ‘I love you bae but please don’t touch me’. This problem isn’t as bad when you’re on holiday because you can just go jump in the pool or the sea but when you’re stuck in England in your living room just panting in the heat, it’s really awful.

3. TEA

Summer robs me of the satisfaction of drinking tea. I love tea. I drink on average 8-10 cups a day and trying to drink it in 30 degree heat is ridiculous. But I still do it. And then regret it afterwards 😂 😔


Getting into a car that has been sitting in the sun for a good few hours is a torture in itself. The air inside is so hot you feel like you can’t breathe, the steering wheel is too hot to touch, and if you’re wearing shorts you feel like you’ve got second degree burns on your legs from sitting in the front seat. Then the air con takes a while to come on and you’re just sweating in your car waiting for it, or if your car doesn’t have air con you crank all the windows down and pray for a breeze while you’re driving along!


Sleeping while it’s hot is an absolute nightmare. I personally can’t get to sleep for ages and have to be half out of the cover in an attempt to stay cool but also half in, in case anything tries to grab me Paranormal Activity-style. I also get really vivid weird dreams, which makes it even more difficult to sleep because then I wake up at 3am convinced some zombies are chasing me round my flat 😭


If you, like me, suffer with the curse that is hay fever, then I feel your pain, amigo. Summer is a constant sneezing fest (which is terrifying while you’re driving), coupled with having to blow your nose every 10 seconds and therefore ending up with no makeup around your nose and looking like a red-faced lunatic. Tablets work to an extent but if the pollen count is high I can sometimes barely see because my eyes are so affected 😭. If you are lucky enough to not have hay fever then I am EXTREMELY JEALOUS of you!!


Despite being half-Italian, I burn extremely quickly and it takes me forever to get a hint of a tan. Whereas my brother got all the Mediterranean genes and goes brown within 2 minutes of being in the sunshine 🙄. I do try to avoid the sun as much as possible due to associated ill-effects such as ageing, burning, skin cancer risk etc etc and when I’m on holiday I slather on the sun cream to protect myself as much as possible. It’s when you’re out walking or chilling in a pub garden and you don’t realise how strong the sun is that you get sunburnt! Remember to always wear spf when you’re outside in the sun people!


Ok time to get serious for this last one. I have chinchillas which have really thick fur and I constantly worry about them in the summer months because I’m scared they will overheat and potentially die. Always make sure your pets have enough water and some shade from the sun, especially if they are outside!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading my rant about stuff I hate about summer! I do actually like summer, I just prefer Autumn when it’s still warm but a little cooler and I don’t feel uncomfortable a lot of the time due to the heat!

Do you agree with any of my peeves about summer? Is there anything I’ve missed that you dislike about it too?

Love Maddie xxx


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  1. 4th July 2017 / 6:08 am

    I agree with a lot of these points. Sleeping during the Summer is the worst. I keep waking up sweating and it’s gross and annoying.

    The Tea and Driving points don’t really affect me. I don’t drink hot tea, but I love cold tea’s like Iced Tea and Sweet Tea, which are perfect for Summer. Even though I dislike when cars are super hot inside, my A/C kicks in pretty quick. I would rather that than have to wear for the heat to get warm in the Winter because that takes longer.

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