Hi everyone! For those of you who aren’t gamers, E3 is an annual event where developers and companies showcase their latest games and products that are in development. There are usually some big reveals and some really cool game trailers, and it gets me super hyped for new games coming out!

E3 is currently underway in America and I have been keeping up to date with the conferences and the trailers for upcoming games, so I wanted to write a blog on my initial impressions and games that I really want so far.

Luckily I own an Xbox One and a PS4 so I am invested in what both Microsoft and Sony have to offer console-wise.

Microsoft’s conference was intense! They had so many games to showcase but I have listed the ones I am most likely to buy based on the trailers below:

  1.  Metro Exodus  (gives off Fallout vibes and the trailer used music from 28 days later which is literally my favourite film so I thought that was an awesome touch)
  2. Assassins Creed Origins (hopefully this instalment will be amazing as the developers took a year off to focus on what they were producing)
  3. Life is Strange 2 (technically a prequel but the first one was really enjoyable to play so hoping it lives up to it)
  4. Anthem (not a huge amount of info given on this but the trailer looked gorgeous and you can fly using a jet pack)

Microsoft also released the Xbox One X which is basically a smaller, more powerful version of the One which can work with 4K TVs and output insanely good graphics. I am reluctant to invest in this in the near future because you would need a 4K TV to get the most out of it (which are really expensive) and the price tag is a bit ridiculous as well (£449)… definitely one where I will wait til the price comes down and see if it’s been proven to be really good.

Sony’s conference disappointed a bit because they didn’t show The Last Of Us 2, which I think a lot of people were looking forward to. However they did show some awesome trailers, my top picks of which are:

  1. Monster Hunter World (I played the previous version of this I think on PS2 and it was such a great game plus the monsters are awesome)
  2. God Of War 3 (the gameplay and combat looks fantastic and it looks like you get a little bit of co-op action with Kratos’s son which is cool)
  3. Shadow Of The Colossus Remastered (I can’t wait for this, I’ve always wanted to play this but never had it when I was younger on PS2)
  4. Uncharted The Lost Legacy (Anything Uncharted is great and I will definitely buy this based off my impressions of the previous games)

There have been a few other conferences from the likes of Ubisoft and Bethesda which have got me excited for Far Cry 5 and an updated version of Minecraft as well. I’m looking forward to Hideo Kojima talking about Death Stranding as well because I want to know what the bloody game is about!! The trailers we have had so far are really weird and awesome and I can’t wait til it’s revealed!

As you can see, Call of Duty and the new Spider-Man game didn’t make my list (mainly because I am terrible at COD and I dislike Spider-Man as a superhero – yeah and what? Fight me) but their trailers did look good and I’m sure a lot of people are excited about them coming out.

Which games are you looking forward to that have been showcased at E3? Do you play any video games and if so, which console do you prefer? Or are you a PC gamer? Let me know your opinions!

Love Maddie xxx



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