Hi everyone! As you may know I am slowly replacing my old products with cruelty-free versions was recommended to use LUSH to buy some new shampoo from.

LUSH is known for its’ clearly marked vegan products and has a policy towards animal testing that makes sure all its’ suppliers of raw materials are cruelty-free (which you can read here). Not everything they sell is totally vegan but the products I buy/will buy from them I make sure are vegan and don’t contain honey etc.

So I ran out of shampoo the other day and decided to take a trip to LUSH to buy a replacement. I took my boyfriend with me and had to explain that just because the products looked like food, doesn’t mean he could or should eat them…😂

I was struggling with the idea of spending £13 on a small bottle of shampoo as I was used to buying much bigger bottles of Elvive for a fraction of that price! But then one of the shop assistants pointed out the solid shampoo (which I had never even realised was a thing) which was easier on the wallet and smelled amazing!

My hair is pretty fluffy and has a lot of volume so I went for the £6.25 ‘Jason and the Argan oil’ solid shampoo to try and help tame it and give it some nutrition. I also bought a tin for the shampoo to sit in which was £2.50.

I used the shampoo last night and it is SO GOOD! I was confused as to how to use it originally but you use it like a bar of soap – lather it up in your hands and then put it through your hair, and you can even rub it onto your hair directly! It left my hair soft and smooth and smelling gorgeous! I will definitely be buying this product again and I can’t wait to go back and get some conditioner from LUSH as well! 10/10 recommend!

Which LUSH products do you use and which would you recommend? Can you suggest any other vegan and cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner?

Love Maddie xxx


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