Hi everyone! If you’ve been reading my posts you will know that I’m in the process of replacing my makeup collection with cruelty-free brands. GOSH is one of my go-to cruelty-free brands now because their products are always in Superdrug and the quality I have found is fairly high so far. Plus the packaging appeals to me so much – it literally makes me want to buy everything in the display cabinet! GOSH and Makeup Revolution packaging is so bold and simplistic and is so irresistible to me!

So I ran out of powder recently and wanted to replace it with a cruelty-free one. I used to use Rimmel’s compressed powder and wanted something similar, so I bought a pot of Mineral Powder from GOSH.

I’ve been using it every day and I am so chuffed with the way it looks! I managed to buy the right colour for my face (for once) and the coverage is GREAT! It smooths out my skin and makes it look really blemish-free. Would definitely recommend this product. The only problem I have (with all mineral powders really) is that they tend to go EVERYWHERE once you have opened them! It’s like they’ve been waiting to explode once you open them and they just get all over your clothes and hair and floor and bed and dressing table… Or is this just me being incapable of using makeup again…?

There was a promotion in Superdrug for buy one GOSH product, get another one half price so OF COURSE I couldn’t resist and bought their Contour’n Strobe Kit which has contour shades, blush and highlight all together in a cute little round palette. This I also love because I never have any luck with contour kits. I swear I am literally a makeup failure because I don’t know how to apply half these products or end up buying the wrong colour for my face! But this one is really straightforward, the colours suit me for once and I am really pleased with it! The highlight comes on a little too strong on my forehead so I learned to tone that down when applying but I actually really love this kit! Both of these were £15 together which I think is pretty good value for powder kits!

If you are looking to start going cruelty-free, a good place to start is crueltyfreekitty or alienontoast – both of which give a good list of brands that are either cruelty-free and/or vegan. The brushes in my photos are from IndyLuxe who are 100% vegan as well and do some super cute affordable makeup brushes. You can use my discount MCADEART20 for 20% off!

Do you use any cruelty-free makeup and can you recommend me any more brands that are affordable and good quality? Let me know in a comment!

Lots of love

Maddie xxx



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