I LOVE to play console games and I have done since I was a little kid. I remember my brother and I begged my parents for a PS one when it came out and we would play games using our old TV that had a huge back to it and smelled like burning electricity towards the end of it’s life. My favourites were Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot and I am SO EXCITED they are rebooting Crash Bandicoot soon!

My boyfriend and I have two TVs in our living room and two Xbox Ones so that we can both game at the same time, and then we share a PS4 as we are both more Xbox gamers than Playstation. But The Last Guardian is a PS4 exclusive so I bought it at the start of my week off work a couple of weeks ago and fired up the Playstation ready to spend my whole week playing it! I was honestly so absorbed by this game that I was finished it before I knew it and wanted to write a blog post on how much I enjoyed it!

The Last Guardian is a puzzle action-adventure game where you play as a boy who wakes up covered in strange rune markings and in the presence of a giant bird-dog-cat creature. You have to free the creature (later named Trico) from where he has been chained up and gain his trust so that he can be your companion as you try to find a way out of the place that you’ve found yourself in.

The visuals in this game are AMAZING. Everything is so beautifully rendered and it’s so immersive – There was one point where I started feeling a bit of vertigo because you have to make the boy climb out onto a flimsy structure hanging over huge empty space and I really felt afraid for him! The graphics of Trico are so beautiful as well, his feathers rustle and ruffle around in the breeze and his face is so expressive. They have got the animal mannerisms spot on; Trico looks at you and does that curious head-tilt thing that dogs do when you ask them a question, and his hackles go up when he’s in a confrontation, and then he will leap on enemies like a great big cat.

The game relies heavily on the AI of Trico as you can direct him and give him commands as the game progresses. As you and he spend more time together, the bond gets deeper and the AI responds better to what you want it to do. There were a lot of reviews that found that the AI didn’t work as well as it should have and found it frustrating – It didn’t really affect my gameplay experience too much apart from a few times where Trico went back the way we had come when I was trying to get him to go forward. The main issue I would say I had was the camera which was sometimes a bit all over the place and made it hard to judge jump distances, but this is a minor complaint because I loved the game so much.

The puzzles were challenging to the point where I actually wasted a good part of my life wandering round areas trying to figure out what I had to do! Obviously this was a bit frustrating at times but I really appreciated the way the game didn’t hold your hand and made you work to figure out solutions instead of making them glaringly obvious.

The story unfolds as you progress, with a few flashbacks revealing a big chunk of how you got there, and the bond you have with Trico gets deeper and deeper as you approach the end of the game. By the end I was really invested in Trico and there are a couple of parts where he gets attacked and I genuinely felt protective over him – I love that this game evokes so much emotion from players. You put the controller down after having played this game and you feel like you’ve actually been on that journey and you’ve experienced so many emotions throughout the play-through.

I absolutely recommend this game and will definitely be playing it again. It’s one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time!

Let me know if you’ve played it and what your opinions are on the AI/camera or in general!

Here’s a little fan art I did of Trico which is up on my instagram here 🙂

Love Maddie



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