I went on a little shopping spree recently as I am in the process of replacing my old makeup with cruelty-free brands instead! I wanted to share and review some of the products I got and recommend some in case you want to use some more vegan makeup in your daily routines!

The products I bought were from Makeup Revolution and GOSH, all very reasonably priced and even came with a free tote bag 😍


I got some GOSH X-ceptional wear foundation which gives great coverage and feels really nice on my skin! It also lasts a lot longer than the Barry M foundation I previously reviewed which is a bonus.


The GOSH prime ‘n set primer is a powder and I actually really love this because it’s so lightweight on my face. I don’t usually wear primer but this is changing my mind, it makes my skin super soft and you can put it on after you’ve put your makeup on as well as a setting powder, which I find works really well!


I didn’t have as much luck with the eye products, I bought some GOSH liquid eyeliner which is pretty good but I can’t get it to go on smoothly yet (probably a problem with my poor application skills as I usually use the eyeliners that look like a big felt-tip pen). I also got a GOSH Xtreme mascara which is not great – really clumpy and thick like the mascaras everyone used to use in school where it made you look like you’d stuck spiders to your eyelids 😂 Maybe I just got a dud one but would not recommend it based off the one I have!

However, I did buy a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette for £4 (!!!) which I absolutely LOVE. The colours are subtle and gorgeous and  go on really smoothly and they blend so well with each other. ❤️


Really impressed with Makeup Revolution’s brow products, I bought the Ultra Brow kit and the Bulletproof Brows and both are fantastic. The colours are great and make doing on fleek eyebrows so easy! The Ultra Brow kit gives you more tools to create a sophisticated brow look and the Bulletproof Brow kit is great for if you haven’t got as much time – I use it in the morning before work to create nice brows really quickly!

So overall, a good product haul apart from the mascara, I was really happy when I tried everything out! And now I have a more cruelty-free makeup bag which makes me feel good too ☺️

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned and what do you think of them? Let me know some more cruelty-free brands that you use in the comments!

Love Maddie



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