I wanted to share some of my favourite vegan foods that I grab on the go or when I’m hungry for a snack! You can buy all of these from most supermarkets, although I’ve only found the vegan Nutella in Tesco so far!

Nakd is a great brand because everything they do is vegan and you can buy them in multi-packs, usually on offer. My personal favourites are the salted caramel nibbles – you can get different varieties  and you can pick them up for 75p a pack at the moment! They also do really tasty bars which come in loads of different flavours and i would definitely recommend the bakewell tart ones!

9 bars I love but they are quite expensive! My faves are the chia berry carob ones which are crammed full of seeds and fruit and are soooo good! The company also works with a charity that provides solar light to families in Africa who would otherwise rely on kerosene lamps, so every bar you buy they donate to the charity and you can feel a little philanthropic!

The hazelnut and cocoa spread is AMAZING, it tastes just like Nutella but it doesn’t contain any dairy and I 10/10 recommend! I found it in the Tesco ‘free from’ section and its also gluten-free so perfect if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant!

Eat Natural do a variety of bars but they only do one type that doesn’t contain honey, which is the maple syrup, pecans and peanuts one. These are delicious but again a little expensive – although they are on offer in waitrose at the moment for £1.50 which is pretty good!

For Easter I found a Moo Free easter egg in Waitrose which is totally vegan and tastes so good! I love Moo Free chocolate, I find that it tastes similar to milk chocolate and its reasonably priced as well. I know Asda do their own brand vegan easter eggs as well if you don’t have a Waitrose near you!


Have you tried any of these and which are your favourites? Do you have any tasty vegan snacks to recommend? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love Maddie xxx


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