Hey guys, long time no see (as I say every time I write a blog post now), hope you are all doing good in this mega heat wave that England is experiencing at the moment!

This weekend I went to a bar/restaurant in London called Pergola, which is located in Paddington Central, and I wanted to write a little bit about my experience!

We went there to celebrate my close friend’s birthday and so booked a table for Sunday at 12 noon. Let me start this off by saying it was already pretty much 30 bloody degrees when we got on the train to London at 10:30 and the heat DID NOT stop even by 6pm. Being out in the hottest part of the day, I burned my back like a complete idiot and had to resort to putting my hands and arms in an ice bucket and sticking ice cubes in my clothing to stay at a bearable temperature… and that wasn’t even really bearable. For a half-Italian girl I really have a low heat tolerance!

The ridiculous temperature unfortunately made my experience of Pergola slightly biased but it’s a really beautiful venue and had some gorgeous vegan food!

Pergola is a big venue – there are two huge floors with loads of benches to sit at, and then on the top floor there is an area where you can reserve a beach-looking sofa-type private area – think an Ibiza beach club/Nikki Beach Marbella vibe. The roof at the top is open, with flowers (not real thank god, otherwise I would have died of hay fever) wound through the wooden beams. It’s called Pergola because that style of roof that creates a shaded area is called a pergola! Everything was a lovely muted colour-scheme, greys and teals, which I LOVE ❤️ Downstairs was much the same but the beams of the pergola were topped with plastic to protect from rain or to create an enclosed space and unfortunately that made downstairs feel like an absolute OVEN, like being in a greenhouse! What made it even hotter was that the food kitchens were down there as well, and the added heat ended up making me want to jump into an ice bath!

The food selection was pretty big unless you’re a vegan – there were four separate kitchens each boasting a different type of food. There’s Patty and Bun that does burgers, Canard that does ‘dirty French’ food, DF/Mexico for taco-lovers, and my favourite, MAM, which did the only real vegan meals available and is known for Vietnamese barbecue-style food.

The vegan food that was available was AMAZING. I had vegan fries with a soy/vegan mayo type sauce on and chopped spring onions – absolutely delicious:

I then had the vegan bao buns (like the steamed hirata buns from Wagamama, steamed Japanese-style buns with a filling) which were even better than the chips. The buns were filled with fried tofu, spiralised carrot, parsley and some more soy/mayo sauce. I haven’t had tofu done as well as that since EVER – it was heavenly 🙏🏻

Honestly I think it’s difficult to get tofu right and MAM smashed it out of the park. I love this East Asian style vegan food and they absolutely nailed it! Would 10/10 recommend trying them if you’re vegan or if you like the Vietnamese/Japanese cuisine!

My opinion on Pergola is that it’s gorgeous and oh-so instagrammable, has good food but not a huge selection for vegans, and is a big enough venue for large parties. However, I would not recommend going in the middle of a hot day because, as I found out, if there’s no breeze you’re trapped in pretty much a greenhouse getting hotter and hotter with no respite! That being said, it would be amazing on a cooler day or in the evening. I also was told that in the winter they do Christmas parties and replace the flowers with ivy and Christmas decorations which would be awesome!

Have any of you guys been to Pergola and what did you think of it?

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Love Maddie xxx