I went on a little shopping spree recently as I am in the process of replacing my old makeup with cruelty-free brands instead! I wanted to share and review some of the products I got and recommend some in case you want to use some more vegan makeup in your daily routines!

The products I bought were from Makeup Revolution and GOSH, all very reasonably priced and even came with a free tote bag 😍


I got some GOSH X-ceptional wear foundation which gives great coverage and feels really nice on my skin! It also lasts a lot longer than the Barry M foundation I previously reviewed which is a bonus.


The GOSH prime ‘n set primer is a powder and I actually really love this because it’s so lightweight on my face. I don’t usually wear primer but this is changing my mind, it makes my skin super soft and you can put it on after you’ve put your makeup on as well as a setting powder, which I find works really well!


I didn’t have as much luck with the eye products, I bought some GOSH liquid eyeliner which is pretty good but I can’t get it to go on smoothly yet (probably a problem with my poor application skills as I usually use the eyeliners that look like a big felt-tip pen). I also got a GOSH Xtreme mascara which is not great – really clumpy and thick like the mascaras everyone used to use in school where it made you look like you’d stuck spiders to your eyelids 😂 Maybe I just got a dud one but would not recommend it based off the one I have!

However, I did buy a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette for £4 (!!!) which I absolutely LOVE. The colours are subtle and gorgeous and  go on really smoothly and they blend so well with each other. ❤️


Really impressed with Makeup Revolution’s brow products, I bought the Ultra Brow kit and the Bulletproof Brows and both are fantastic. The colours are great and make doing on fleek eyebrows so easy! The Ultra Brow kit gives you more tools to create a sophisticated brow look and the Bulletproof Brow kit is great for if you haven’t got as much time – I use it in the morning before work to create nice brows really quickly!

So overall, a good product haul apart from the mascara, I was really happy when I tried everything out! And now I have a more cruelty-free makeup bag which makes me feel good too ☺️

Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned and what do you think of them? Let me know some more cruelty-free brands that you use in the comments!

Love Maddie


It was such a nice day on Saturday so some blog snaps had to be taken!

It was St George’s Day so my bff Ashleigh (ashleighflowers.co.uk) and I went into St Albans and had some lunch and some wine and took some cute OOTD snaps! We found the perfect brick wall to take photos against but there was a cubs/scouts event going on so we had all these kids and their parents walking past looking at us like we were full-on weird 😂

What I’m wearing:

Jeans – Pull&Bear

Shoes – Blink

Top – H&M

Jacket – Topshop

Sunglasses – H&M

Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Boutique of Molly

This is one of my go-to casual outfits, I love these jeans because they are super comfy and I adore the stonewashed denim look! The top is brand new and I am really happy with it, I love the burgundy colour on the sleeves and am a sucker for a baseball tee!

I’ve mentioned my BOM Milan bag in another OOTD post and I use it all the time, it’s really spacious and durable and goes with so much stuff! Check them out, they have so much cute stuff on their website Boutiqueofmolly 💕

Also you should definitely check out my bae Ashleighflowers’ blog and follow her on twitter! She has the most gorgeous tattoos and does amazing OOTD posts that feature really cute and affordable outfits! http://Ashleighflowers.co.uk

I hope you like my post! Leave some comments below, I will return the love!

Love Maddie xxx


In my last post I mentioned that I had been to a bottomless prosecco brunch at a restaurant called Avenue on St James Street, London. I received such good service there that I wanted to give it it’s own blog post and recommend it!

So it’s located at 7-9 James Street, London, about a 10 minute walk from Green Park station. When you arrive there’s a little seating area near the bar where you can wait until your table is ready and you can have a couple of drinks while you’re waiting. The aesthetic of this place is gorgeous. I mean, it’s an upmarket London restaurant so what do you expect, but the decor is really well done with a beautiful colour scheme – lots of gold and white and teal (literally my favourite combination) and some amazing chandeliers!

We had booked a brunch for 3:30pm (bit late for brunch but the other slot was 11:30 and no one would have made it out of bed in time) and the deal was that it was £23.50 for two courses and an additional £15 for unlimited prosecco or bloody marys. This might seem a bit steep but for London is incredibly reasonable seeing as one glass of prosecco is about £15 in most bars there!

We were seated fairly quickly and the prosecco began flowing immediately, and it was so good. Like, so good. I can’t normally drink a lot of prosecco because it’s too fizzy and I don’t always like the taste, but this was top-shelf stuff and it tasted delicious! I also tried a bloody mary which was brilliant, but decided not to keep mixing the drinks and just stuck to prosecco afterwards – I am notorious for being a light-weight and falling over/having terrible coordination when drunk.

The main reason I wanted to review this place was the food and the service I received along with it. At first glance there was only one vegan option on the menu but when I asked the waiter if there was anything else, he explained that I could choose any vegan ingredients on the menu and they would make an entirely new dish just for me! I have never received this level of accommodation for dietary requirements before. I don’t know whether I’m used to restaurants where the chef will get aggy if you ask to change ingredients around or where the waiters will tell you that you can just have one of the salads without the chicken/fish in it, but I was completely taken aback. So I ordered smashed avocado on toast topped with spinach and mushrooms, and spiced tofu with avocado puree for my courses. They were delicious! I don’t usually eat avocado because I’m not a huge fan so I admit I left some uneaten but I ordered it because I wanted to give it another chance haha. The mushrooms were divine and so was the tofu. It’s hard to get tofu right but they definitely achieved it! It had this gorgeous batter type thing on it that tasted so good!

So all in all, I would definitely recommend this restaurant as a venue for an event or for brunch or for anything at all. The level of service was fantastic, so was the food and so was the prosecco.

Let me know if you’ve been and what your experience was like! Have you been to any restaurants where they have amazing vegan options? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love Maddie


I wanted to share some of my favourite vegan foods that I grab on the go or when I’m hungry for a snack! You can buy all of these from most supermarkets, although I’ve only found the vegan Nutella in Tesco so far!

Nakd is a great brand because everything they do is vegan and you can buy them in multi-packs, usually on offer. My personal favourites are the salted caramel nibbles – you can get different varieties  and you can pick them up for 75p a pack at the moment! They also do really tasty bars which come in loads of different flavours and i would definitely recommend the bakewell tart ones!

9 bars I love but they are quite expensive! My faves are the chia berry carob ones which are crammed full of seeds and fruit and are soooo good! The company also works with a charity that provides solar light to families in Africa who would otherwise rely on kerosene lamps, so every bar you buy they donate to the charity and you can feel a little philanthropic!

The hazelnut and cocoa spread is AMAZING, it tastes just like Nutella but it doesn’t contain any dairy and I 10/10 recommend! I found it in the Tesco ‘free from’ section and its also gluten-free so perfect if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant!

Eat Natural do a variety of bars but they only do one type that doesn’t contain honey, which is the maple syrup, pecans and peanuts one. These are delicious but again a little expensive – although they are on offer in waitrose at the moment for £1.50 which is pretty good!

For Easter I found a Moo Free easter egg in Waitrose which is totally vegan and tastes so good! I love Moo Free chocolate, I find that it tastes similar to milk chocolate and its reasonably priced as well. I know Asda do their own brand vegan easter eggs as well if you don’t have a Waitrose near you!


Have you tried any of these and which are your favourites? Do you have any tasty vegan snacks to recommend? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love Maddie xxx

So when I needed some more makeup I chose to buy and review Barry M because they don’t use animal testing on their products 🙂 I went into Boots and bought a foundation, concealer and nail varnish (I’ve always loved Barry M nail varnish, definitely my go-to brand for it!) and there’s a promotion on at the moment where if you spend over a certain amount you get a free contouring kit as well!

The makeup products are from the Barry M ‘Flawless’ range, they come in cute packaging and are really reasonably priced (foundation and concealer both around £6 each)

I’ve been using them for the past two days and am fairly pleased with them but not totally sold! Basically I never used to wear foundation until I left university and I’m fairly uneducated in the makeup world – beauty blenders and contouring aren’t my strong point!

So I apply foundation with my fingertips, use concealer on top and then do a bit of powder and bronzer to do an approximation of contouring (I know, I probably need to watch some youtube tutorials on how to do some decent makeup). The end result with the way I’ve used these Barry M products is decent coverage from the foundation (I have a few blemishes so would prefer one that’s a bit more ‘there’), love the liquid concealer as it blends really well, and I like the contour kit but I’m a bit too scared to use the darkest powder in it because my skin is really fair!

Here’s the results on my lovely mug from before I went to work:

Unfortunately after a day at work they had lost their grip and kind of slid off my face, but on the plus side they hadn’t made my skin greasy which I sometimes find with other foundations!

I feel like this effect could be avoided by using a primer so when I get one I’ll experiment and update!

I will also include the nail varnish in an OOTD post which I’m planning soon 🙂

Please let me know if you’ve got any really good vegan makeup suggestions or can point me in the direction of some blogs that can help me with applying makeup in less of a haphazard way haha!


Lots of love

Maddie xxx